The market’s best professional pig roaster grill will, with a capacity of up to approx. 100 covers at a time, quickly recover the investment. With a consumption of approx. 12-18 kg briquettes is the very cheap to run. The closed construction significantly reduces the cooking time , which also reduces waiting time and thus results in fewer personnel on the payroll. The grill can be used for both direct and indirect heat.


The design makes the food safety excellent, keeping an even and constant temperature and thereby eliminating the risk of salmonella bacteria. The grill is characteristic by its special ability to cook whole carcasses for example pig, lamb and wild board. The best result is achieved by a weight of 35-45 kg and a cooking time of about 3-4 hours.

The grill is made of 1.5 mm heavy steel plates and all joints are welded with high precision. The grill closes tightly allowing the coals to burn longer and makes it much easier to control the temperature inside.


Assembling The Carbon Diablo™ Large Commercial Charcoal BBQ is very simple and can be done in 2 minutes by one person, all the parts separate for easy cleaning.  All designed with simplicity in mind.


Our new smart Gastro-Towers Can make you grill into a big oven or both a grill and a oven!

You can have up to 16 Gastro shelfs with food so that you have a large oven or you may have its roast in the one side and 8 Gastro-tower’s on the other side, so you have all his food in one grill

The grill is treated with a heat-resistant powder coating which prevents corrosion and makes it appear presentable even after several uses.

The grill consists of few components and can be easily separated making it easy to clean and maintain.

There is a thermometer on the grill lid which measures the temperature inside the grill.







Grill Facts:


Grill Area 60 cm wide and 150 cm long.

Working height 90 cm.

Weight 80 kg total incl.

Thermometer in the lid.

Stainless steel grates. (Is food approved!)

Air valve for controlling air intake.

lid holder with lock lid not tumble over one while you work



Carbon Diablo™ is a Danish brand of BBQ’s that designs, manufacturers and supplies professional products for grilling.


Designed for both the private and professional charcoal bbq market, the experience of cooking for over 30 years in Denmark has led Carbon Diablo to be highly professional equipment that can with stand use in a professional environment.


Carbon Diablo™ also make a range of accessories that compliment the BBQ Grill